At-Home COVID-19 Fingerprick test now available


The COVID-19 fingerstick is a simple, easy, at-home test that can be done in the comfort in your own home and is a great solution for telemedicine patients.

Ship overnight to the lab facility and get results within 24-48 hours of receipt.

How to Order Your At-Home Test
  • Call 860.228.1287 to set up an office or Telemedicine appointment as a new patient or if you are already an existing patient.
  • You will pay for the test at the time of the appointment
  • The doctor will order the test and have it shipped directly to your home
  • You ship the test to the lab
  • Our office will receive results in 24-48 hrs and inform you

New to TAO? 
  • Click here to fill out new patients intake form and call 860.228.1287 to schedule an appointment
  • Please see our cancellation policy here
  • See our list of insurance providers here

Please watch the BloodSpot Collection Tutorial to ensure a successful fingerstick test. 

KMB Labs – Coronavirus Home Test Kit Instructions