1st Visit 

Approximately 60 minutes

The initial visit consists of an in-depth review of your health concerns and goals as well as a naturopathic assessment including full medical history, review of systems, and physical exam. Following this initial consultation, Dr Hinchey will review and research your case, while taking into consideration your goals and willingness to make lifestyle changes, in order to develop a personalized treatment plan before your second visit.

2nd & 3rd Visits 

Approximately 45 minutes

At your second visit, we discuss options for naturopathic treatment customized to your individual needs. Together, we decide which treatments are best for you. At TAO, we think it’s important that you feel empowered to make decisions about your health and healing process. Treatment and wellness programs have to be medically effective but also realistic for your lifestyle in order for you to stick with them long term.

There are many naturopathic modalities that have synergistic effects when combined for therapy and are effective in the treatment of many diseases. Together, we will choose which are the most effective and which fit most easily into your life.

Follow-up visits 

Approximately 30 minutes

Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor your progress and, if necessary, to refine and expand your treatment plan. As you progress along the path toward optimal health, the focus of your treatment will begin to shift into maintenance and preventative medicine. Our main goal is to help you achieve vitality, longevity, and optimal health.

The frequency of follow-up visits depends on the severity of the illness and modalities selected for treatment. Some cases require closer monitoring and some modalities need to be received on a more frequent basis. This will be discussed during the second visit when we decide on your treatment plan. For example, acupuncture would require treatment 1-2 times per week.

Please review our hours, fees and policies
before filling out our intake form.

Hours, Fees & Policies

PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST VISIT, YOU MUST FILL OUT THE NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORM. We understand that this may take some time, but it is absolutely crucial to helping us identify the underlying cause of your illness and in identifying trends in your family history that are critical to your preventative medicine program.

New Patient Intake Form