Our Privacy Pledge

We are very concerned with protecting your privacy. While the law requires us to give you this disclosure, please understand that we have, and always will, respect the privacy of your health information.

There are several circumstances in which we may have to use or disclose your health care information.

  • We may have to disclose your health information to another health care provider or a hospital if it is necessary to refer you to them for the diagnosis, assessment, or treatment or your health condition.
  • We may have to disclose your health information and billing records to another party if they are potentially responsible for the payment of your services.
  • We may need to use your health information within our practice for quality control or other operational purposes.

We have a more complete notice that provides a detailed description of how your health information may be used or disclosed. You have the right to review that notice before you sign this consent form (164.520).

Your right to limited uses or disclosures

You have the right to request that we do not disclose your health information to specific individuals, companies, or organizations. If you would like to place any restrictions on the use or disclosure or your health information, please let us know in writing. We are not required to agree to your restrictions; however, if we agree with your restrictions, the restriction is binding on us.

Your right to revoke your authorization

You may revoke your consent to us at any time; however, your revocation must be in writing. We will not be able to honor your revocation request if we have already released your health information before we receive your request to revoke your authorization. If you were required to give your authorization as a condition of obtaining insurance, the insurance company may have the right to your health information if they decide to contest any of your claims.